TOP 5 FRIDAY: Harry Potter supporting characters

Posted by Jazz on Friday June 26th, 2015

A Harry Potter play! Philosopher’s Stone’s 18th birthday! Today is a good (read: the best) day for HP fans everywhere. I’ve been planning this week’s top 5 (previously top 5 Parisian stories) for a while, but with all the Potter news I feel this one is much more apt. Also: spoilers abound if you haven’t finished the series, but I’m not sure there’s anyone left in the world that statement applies to.

1. Kingsley Shacklebolt

My absolute favourite. A pillar of integrity and morals, Kingsley is of course the first choice for Minister once Voldy’s regime of doom and gloom goes under. He’s such an integral member of the Order that it seems strange he was only introduced in book 5. I love Kingsley so much that I named one of my chickens after him.

2. Kreacher

I think Kreacher jumping ship is one of my real favourite moments of book 7, so I was a bit gutted it wasn’t in the film. His story of travelling to the cave genuinely makes me well up – plus the moment when he leads the house-elves into battle against Voldemort is just great. Plus, he’s an intensely loyal character, risking everything to stay loyal to Regulus. A good egg after all.

3. Sir Cadogan

It’s a travesty that Sir Cadogan doesn’t feature more. A gallant and noble knight who takes his job of guarding the Gryffindor common room very seriously (some would say jobsworth), Sir Cadogan was the only one brave enough for the job after the Fat Lady was attacked. He also didn’t shy away during the Battle of Hogwarts – it takes a special kind of person to run after Death Eaters yelling ‘scoundrels’ and ‘rogues’, even if you do live in a painting.

4. Lee Jordan

Lee is just awesome.  The boy was always destined for big things: firstly taking on the role of the (slightly biased) school Quidditch commentator, he then went to set up an UNDERGROUND RADIO STATION for Order members. And remember the time he brought a giant tarantula on the Hogwarts Express? Seriously. So cool.

5. Cho Chang

I feel like Cho gets a bit of a bad rep. She’s actually really pretty awesome: when her boyfriend is killed she gets to work in learning to fight Voldemort, she stands by Marietta even after Marietta RUINS EVERYTHING, she comes to fight at the school at the drop of a hat and risks her life in the battle. The unsung hero of the series (but not quite as cool as Ginny. Come on, she’s a professional Quidditch player).

Special mention: Phineas Nigellus. I am gutted Phineas wasn’t in the films, because he is such an integral character to the books. The school’s least popular headmaster, yet full of (sometimes not-so-helpful) advice, Phineas is basically the reason the Silver Doe chapter happened. Brb, just need to read the entire series again.

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