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The picture they usually use is one from the Activities spread of the yearbook.
Chloe’s got denim overalls buckled over a white T-shirt and her hair’s wound into these two loose braids.
Like an even blonder version of the girl on the hot chocolate box.
She’s gleaming. Beaming. And then, of course, there’s the sheep.
It’s a picture we took at the county fair, so Chloe has a lamb cradled under one arm. The networks loved that –
Chloe and her little lamb. In the original snapshot, Chloe’s
other arm is linked through mine and we’re leaning toward
each other. But when the story first hit the papers, someone
picked out that photo and cut me out of it, so it looks like
Chloe has her head tipped toward nothing. The way dumber
girls do, like something’s just so hilarious they can’t even hold
their heads up right. Laughing Chloe and her Lamb. Lost,
little Chloe.
It’s not like I took it personally. It was exactly the kind of
picture that we figured networks would use.
It was all part of our plan.

About the book

Chloe has it all figured out.

It's not enough to be clever, good looking, or sporty. To get on, you've got to get noticed. You've got to be famous for something.

She and best friend Finn decide to stage her disappearance, with Finn the one to save her. It seems like a good idea, until things go badly wrong. What seemed victimless before isn't so innocent anymore. And it's Finn who must deal with the fallout.

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Press reviews

“Haunting and provocative”


“Accomplice is a book that will make you question trust and loyalty.”


“... this well-paced, mature, psychological tale is impossible to put down.”


Author notes

As a teacher at a competitive college prep school, I see firsthand the pressure my students face. Most of us want to be considered extraordinary in some way and, often, the American college application process feeds into that frenzy for recognition. In ACCOMPLICE, two best friends make devastating choices for the sake of fame and acceptance and those decisions irrevocably change their lives.

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