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Four small words. That was all it took to set things in motion.
The words came from an upstairs room filled with the rustle of paper and the sweet stink of medicine. They came from the pen of an old man who coughed and wheezed with every breath. They came at the end of a very important letter, which said this:
To: The Lightbender
Care of: Circus Mirandus
I need to speak to you urgently. I hope you remember me even though it’s been many years since I was called to Circus Mirandus. Of course I have never forgotten you. My name is Ephraim Tuttle, and we met during the war, when I was a boy.
You promised me a miracle.
I don’t know how I will get this message to you. I
haven’t heard even a whisper about the circus since I
was a much younger man. But you made a promise,
and I have believed through all these years that if I
had need of you, you would come.

About the book

Micah's beloved grandfather is sick, but all is not lost.

Years ago, his grandfather visited a mysterious circus, where he was promised a miracle by a man who could bend light.

But who is this stranger, will he keep his promise, and does the magical Circus Mirandus really exist?

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