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Crag Fact of the Day:
‘The word “crag” was first used as slang to refer to trolls because of their gray, rocky-looking skin. Today, it’s popularly used to refer to any magical creature such as dwarves, ratters, hags and cats.’

‘Is that it?’ Emma asked as they pulled up in front of a rusty gray trailer. The yard was overgrown with weeds
and surrounded by a rotting wooden fence. Behind the
trailer, a line of oak trees marked the boundary of the
magical forest.
‘That’s it,’ her dad said. ‘That’s our new home.’
Emma’s stomach dropped. She couldn’t think of anything
to say. Their old house hadn’t been big, but it was
near her friends, and there’d been a library and park
Emma could walk to. She missed it already

About the book

Emma's sister is missing.

Her parents have spent all their money trying to find her, and the family has moved to a trailer park for Crags, the magical creatures that live on the edge of human society - next to the dark, encroaching forest.

Here Emma meets a smooth-talking cat named Jack who comes up with a plan to rescue her sister. He shows her how to shape-shift, to develop claws and cat senses.

But cat magic isn't easy, and Emma soon learns her sister is in the thrall of the faeries, the most beautiful and dangerous half-human creatures of all.

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Press reviews

“...this middle-grade fantasy offers some intriguing elements Readers ... will find themselves caught up in the action and fascinated by the exquisitely imagined and decidedly different fairies...”


Author notes

We tried to do a lot with Claws, but if we had to pick one favourite, it's probably that we created a world where magic and monsters are a part of everyday life. It can be scary, and funny, and messy, and we hope that makes the magic that much more real.

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