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The calm before the storm. That’s how I see every day now. Just waiting for the next raid. Wondering who’ll be taken next.
I lean back on the rail of the squeaky old roundabout.
Patrick sits next to me, turning it gently with his foot, kicking up chips of bark.
‘Had the nightmare last night,’ he says, casually, like it’s normal.
‘Well, I haven’t had it for a week. Maybe I should get some kind of medal.’ I laugh, but it’s a hollow sound. ‘Was it bad?’
‘Yeah, I was sick after.’

About the book

Taken, frozen and eaten – this is the fate facing the human race.

Monstrous alien invaders have increased their human raids.

Those taken face a terrible fate: they will be transported, processed and eaten in a food chain like no other – unless fourteen-year-olds Lola and Patrick can find a way to save them.

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Press reviews

“... well thought out and ultimately satisfying ... a spine-chilling thriller, but also an interesting exploration of our conviction we can treat Earth's other inhabitants however we please, as long as our own needs are met ... an original and thought-provoking tale ... which keeps you wondering until the very end.”


Author notes

'Feed has been fun to write. Aliens always seem to find their way into my stories, I've no idea why! But this book got me thinking about how we, as humans, see ourselves in the world. We look upon many animals as just food - ours to farm. But what if we were no longer top of the food chain ... What if something else was out there ... What if we were the animals ...'

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