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Merganzer Whippet was an impulsive young man of fifteen when he raced into his father’s room just in time to hear these fateful words. Merganzer had just finished his tenth consecutive year of boarding school, during which his father had been busy building a financial empire. Needless to say, the two had never been close.
The words were not the sort of thing Merganzer’s father was known for saying. People close to the old man would have expected something like Buy cheap, sell high! And whatever you do, don’t squander the family fortune. But twelve seconds later, Walter E Whippet was dead. You will prosper in the field of wacky inventions were the only words of advice Merganzer had been given.
If only Merganzer had known they were spoken by a man who’d been talking gibberish for weeks.

About the book

There's no place on earth like the Whippet Hotel.

Every floor has its surprises and secrets. Guests are either mad or mysterious. And there are ducks everywhere.

If anyone knows the Whippet, it's Leo, the caretaker's son.

But when four strange boxes lead him to floors that he never knew existed, he realises something extraordinary is going on.

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Press reviews

“ ... Floors is a really fun read, and before I knew it I had read it in a single sitting ... a great book for the 9+ age group, who will love the mystery and suspense, as well as the comedy that runs throughout the story ... I wouldn't be surprised if there is some interest Hollywood in the book.”


“... a madcap mystery reminiscent of Roald Dahl and Ellen Raskin, complete with bizarre inventions, a mystery involving a missing billionaire, and even a crazy elevator or two.”


Author notes

‘With Floors, from the word go, I was writing the book I would have read as a kid. I think I’d even go so far as to say it’s an ode to my childhood. It’s the book I would have wanted to read as a 10-year-old.

Part of that is because I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so much. But, as is so often the case with my stories, they usually involve one idea crashing into another. I also loved weird hotels, which I stayed in as a kid, many of them along the Oregon coast. I remember on more than one occasion pulling into a hotel parking lot with my dad behind the wheel and knowing – just knowing – that inside were hidden passageways, hidden rooms and whole floors of hidden things. And if only I worked at the hotel we were visiting, I’d know about these places, where they kept the really cool stuff.’

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