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The week before Jocelyn’s grandfather decided to send her away to finishing school was an eventful one, even by her standards.
On Monday, the girl’s newest tutor found his pupil unable to do her history lesson. Someone had torn most of the pages from her lesson book in order to make paper boats. This same unidentified person had then floated the paper vessels on the garden pond, after setting them on fire, of course. Jocelyn sat at her desk, the very picture of wide-eyed innocence – with a spot of soot on her nose and the faint smell of smoke still clinging to her rumpled dress.
If you ask me, her tutor was wrong to turn in his resignation. True history is filled with burning fleets.
On Tuesday, Jocelyn startled the head cook, who rather foolishly did not expect a twelve-year-old girl to come flying down the front banister brandishing a wooden sword and singing a bawdy sea shanty at the top of her lungs.

About the book

It's not easy being the daughter of Captain Hook.

Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of following in his footsteps - but her grandfather sends her to finishing school instead.
When her father meets his unfortunate end, Jocelyn sails to Neverland to avenge his death.

But she hadn't bargained on ticking crocodiles, lazy pirates and a trouble-making boy called Peter Pan ...

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Press reviews

“... a captivating mixture of fearsome pirates, a courageous and adventurous female lead character, and a sarcastic yet charming narrator. In other words, this book is absolutely fantastic!”


“... a novel that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages with its immense wit and entertaining story-line ... really captures the spirit of Peter Pan.”


Author notes

'I truly owe this book to a flu virus. While illness wreaked havoc on me, I tried a few hours sleep on the sofa. This was accomplished by entertaining my then quite young daughter with DVDs of her favourite Peter Pan movies. Shortly before the end of the last movie I was awakened by a thought: What if Captain Hook had a daughter? Perhaps that is what people mean when they talk about a "germ of an idea."'

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Ever since Heidi Schulz's HOOK'S DAUGHTER landed in our laps straight from Neverland (well, the USA), we have been ridiculously excited to hear what readers think.

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