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The shieldwall shattered. Werewolves poured through the breach, teeth and claws slashing and rending. Vampires dropped from the sky, landing inside the smashed ring of shields.
The cavalry was ripped apart by the werewolf phalanx, horse and rider brought down under a tangle of teeth and claws. The surviving horses ran in terror, trampling human and foe alike. All around was chaos and death. Soldiers scrambled away as best they could, throwing aside shield and armour and anything else that slowed them down.
Nearby the boy could see his brother, King Edward, standing with his war band of bodyguards. They were surrounded by werewolves and fighting like cornered animals.

About the book

Prequel to the bestselling The Cry of the Icemark.

When his brother, the king, is killed in battle, brave young Prince Redrought must rally his people and learn to defend his tiny kingdom against savage supernatural invaders – werewolves, vampires and zombies. Redrought must take the fight to enemy territory in The-Land-of-the-Ghosts, and it’s there he will fall or stand for ever in the legends of the Icemark.

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Author notes

'I really enjoyed writing The Prince of the Icemark, it took me back to the land and the characters I love! But here in this story, the future King of the Icemark, Redrought, is still just a boy and a prince. Find out how he came to rule his land, meet the girl he would one day marry and defeat an invading army of vampires, werewolves and rock trolls!'

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