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You wanna know the TRUTH? I’ll tell you the TRUTH – I’m sick of it. Sick of all the FAT stuff and Callan and Vine and the bridge and the road and the cars and the eyes and the words and the lies . . .
I wish I’d never been there . . . never got INVOLVED . . .
Yeh, THAT’s what I wish. Din’t see nothing, dunno nothing.
Me? I shoulda kept my big mouth shut. I DIN’T SEE
Yeh, now I know it.
Now I gotta fix things. Do things. Bad things.
Bad = good.
Good = bad.
TRUTH = lies.
Lies = TRUTH.
You wanna know the TRUTH?
I’ll tell you the TRUTH.

About the book

Moo Nelson walks through life alone and with his eyes down, to avoid being pushed and laughed at by others.

Until the night he sees a car chase and a murder ... or does he?

What is the truth, and who wants to know? It seems a lot of people are asking – the police, the lawyers, the bullies at school, and one very bad guy indeed.

Moo must decide between truth and lies, and he must do it soon, before someone else gets hurt ...

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Press reviews

“ ... taut and driven thriller from a writer who has ... firmly established himself as a major author.”


“Find a quiet place, take a deep breath and enjoy this fine novel.”


“'Utterly compelling ... He writes from the heart ...”


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