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Merry Owen saw a dark figure vault over the ancient boundary wall between her family’s farm and the Black Castle. The old enemy, trespassing on her land again … coming her way.
She was alone but she had her longbow. An ancient weapon of war that had won battles and saved kings for a thousand years, and was still lethal today. In her hands, at least. Armed with this simple stave of wood, only just taller than her and primed by a decade of training, she always felt more: more powerful, alive, ready …

About the book

Merry Owen is desperate for her family to stay on their struggling farm in Wales, in the shadow of the Black Castle, owned by the de Courcys who have been enemies of Merry’s family for generations. 

Skilled in the family tradition of archery, Merry is happiest out riding – but when she finds an overturned tree and a buried chest containing an ancient Welsh text, it leads her into a past filled with treasure, secrets and untold danger …

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