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How was your holiday?’
‘Brillopad. Yours?’
‘Topsical. Except we got snowed in for New Year.’
‘That sounds fun.’
‘Not really. We were meant to go to Paris.’
‘Tant pis Paree! France is boring. Look at Sally’s tan – she went to Jamaica.’
Sally made a face. ‘It felt weird being on the beach in January. I wished we’d gone skiing.’
There was a murmur of sympathy through the dormitory.
Everyone agreed that skiing beat the beach at New Year – everyone except Edie, who sat on her bed saying nothing. She hated the first afternoon of term, when the holiday conversations had to be got through.
‘Where did you go, Edie?’ Alice asked.
I went to Folly Farm, to my cousins,’ Edie said, hoping she wouldn’t be asked to expand.
‘Better than staying with Fothy, I expect?’ said Sally.

About the book

There’s a new girl in class at Knight’s Haddon, and she isn’t like anyone the other girls have ever met before.

Janet is cool and confident, so Edie is thrilled when they become friends – and when her friendship with Anastasia becomes rocky, Janet is there for her.

But when a mischief begins to unfold, Edie begins to think Janet may not be all she seems – and suddenly events take a dangerous turn …

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