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I’m not afraid of spiders or snakes.
I’m not afraid of graveyards at night.
I’m not afraid of deep, dark water.
I’m not afraid of ghost stories or horror movies.
And stations? I make myself get on a train every day.
But I am afraid of the Brotherhood.
Normally you can see them – you know who they are, with their scarlet-checked clothes. They stand out. But today, as people hurry through the sleet to Central Station under umbrellas and raincoats and scarves, I can’t tell the difference between us and them.
I keep watch through the slanting snow, because how can you face a danger you can’t see? A person who looks like any other person, but who secretly wants to kill you and everyone like you? I don’t know why I’m thinking like this now, when I have to make this journey to school every day. What would the odds be, for me to be caught up in another bomb at Central Station?
Slowly the crowd funnels into the station.

About the book

When K narrowly survives a bomb attack, she agrees to go undercover with the radical young group held responsible.

She’s determined to bring them to justice, but soon even enemies become real people.

When she falls in love, K discovers that things are not black and white …

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