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Scandia was in mourning.
Above the palace the flag flew at half-mast, and thousands of umbrellas lined the boulevard. The gun carriage bearing the coffin proceeded at walking pace. It was covered with flowers in the national colours and drawn by six black horses that pulled it slowly up the hill to the cemetery.
The Little Princess walked behind the coffin – alone,upright, shedding no tears. Her shoulders were straight and her gaze was unseeing. She did not look at the crowds of people, who would have given anything for a glance so that they might encourage her with a nod or comfort her with a smile, and she did not look at the coffin in which her father was making his last journey.

About the book

A movie about a princess is to be made.

When auditions take place, Jenna is shocked to be chosen over her much more talented friends. Curiously, even her strict mother gives her permission for Jenna to fly off to begin filming in the small, romantic kingdom of Scandia. But soon Jenna discovers things aren’t what they seem. She’s the spitting image of the real Princess of Scandia – who’s mysteriously gone missing.

An extraordinary coincidence, or is Jenna caught up in some sort of conspiracy?

Lies, camera, action: and another sort of shooting begins …

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Press reviews

“A thrilling debut adventure combining the glamour of the world of movies with a sharply drawn political background.”


“Boie shows why she’s such a popular novelist in Germany ... a full load of reader appeal.”


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