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Every night I tell myself the dream won’t come again.
Do not dream, I recite, like a mantra. Do not dream. But it’s no use. It’s been there ever since we moved from London three weeks ago, and sleep just creeps up my duvet the same as it always does, gobbling me up, swamping me. So
I dream. And then, in the darkness, I see it.
The Shape.
It doesn’t give me a shock or a jolt, like when you see a spider suddenly scuttle for cover. It’s more a creeping chill, like you get from walking through a graveyard, or when you know someone hidden is watching you.We did a poem in school about a man who ‘walks a lonely road and dares not turn his head’. How does it go on? Something about a frightful fiend treading close behind.
I call it the Shape because I don’t know what it is.

About the book

Thirteen-year-old Miranda has moved to a small seaside town, a dull place where nothing happens.

But it’s not long before she becomes convinced that something is stalking her.

Miranda thinks she’s going mad, and there’s no one she can tell until she meets a group of friends who share her belief that something evil is out there – and who point to the town’s deadly past.

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Press reviews

“...This book was way better than I could have hoped. It was full of mystery, suspense, and just oddities that made this book such a gem. A gem I say!”


“...Shadow Runners kept me entertained from the first page until the last. I think young readers will definitely enjoy this story, with its excitement, mystery and a hint of romance...”


Author notes

'I'm fascinated by what lurks in the shadows just beyond our perception, and I have always loved seaside towns, which seem haunted and mysterious to me. Shame I live nowhere near the sea - in fact I'm as far away as I can get in England! Miranda is my favourite character ever, and I hope readers love exploring her story as much as I loved creating her.'

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