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People often talk about having butterflies in
their stomachs. Butterflies? With me it was … bees! Bats! Birds! Lobsters, snapping
their claws!
It was a bright morning in early September and I
was all kitted out in my brand-new school uniform:
dark-grey trousers and blazer, white shirt, tie with
diagonal red, black and white stripes. New black
shoes without a scuff on them. Two-day-old haircut.
My Adidas shoulder bag had a new calculator in it,
along with a collection of pens, a geometry set and
my packed lunch, which consisted of a cheese-and-
coleslaw sandwich, an orange and a fruit-and-nut
cereal bar.

About the book

Eleven-year-old Sam has a problem. Well, quite a few problems.

So when he sees a shooting star, he naturally wishes on it – for a million wishes. Of course, he doesn’t expect the wish to come true, but somehow it does. Soon Sam is changing his life, but big changes have consequences, and not always in the way he had hoped.

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