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The mountain was calling me. I had to run away. I had to.
And I didn’t need anyone to go with me.
I tightened the straps on my backpack and held the front
screen door open with my foot. ‘Come on, Beau!’ I called, and
my voice didn’t shake one bit. It was strong. Like me.
Beau came rocketing out of the door, his tail slapping my
legs. He danced on his front paws on the porch, his
mismatched eyes smiling up at me, his tongue hanging out
happy. I bent down and scratched him behind his ears the way
he loved, the way only I knew how to do. ‘You’re always ready
for a walk, aren’t you, buddy?’

About the book

Mark has been in and out of hospital his whole life – and he’s fed up.

So when his cancer returns, he decides he’s had enough.

Running away with his dog Beau, he sets out to climb a mountain – and it’s only when he’s left everything behind that Mark realises he has everything to live for.

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Press reviews

“... Gemeinhart’s heart-rending yet suspenseful novel tells the equally gripping stories of the boy who went to the mountain and the girl who stayed behind ... a rousingly riveting two-hanky read.”


“Gemeinhart debuts with an emotionally hard-hitting survival story ... Both children’s reflections on dying ring very true ... a gripping page-turner.”


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