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They’d shot his dad, then they’d come for his mother.
Whenever Flint thought about it he cried. He was crying now, but blinking back the tears, and this was because Alfie had said, ‘They hang intellectuals and they shoot Resistance.’
A hot tear ran down Flint’s nose. He turned his head and pretended to look at the clock – the one that said ten past six. It had said ten past six since ten past six on 13 October 1940, when a Nazi shell had landed on the chicken shed.
Remembering his parents always made the tears come, yet Flint longed for the past. He dreamt of his old home – Hornbeams, Willow Way, in the county of Surrey. He wanted his dad at the piano singing comic songs. He wanted a hug from his mum and a slice of her lemon drizzle cake.
‘Do you know,’ Alfie went on cheerfully, ‘what an intellectual is?’

About the book

When farm boy Benedict Dingle Flint is nearly blown up, he decides to join the British Resistance against Hitler, who has successfully invaded Britain.

He becomes Firebrand Flint, who, together with his best friend Alfie, takes on the Nazis.

The Bandits’ motto? Never say die, the war’s not over yet.

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Press reviews

“This is an action packed adventure with many nail biting moments that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.”


Author notes

'The opening sentence came out of nowhere. It came as a shock and all by itself: They’d shot his dad then they’d come for his mother. Why did they shoot his father? What happened to his mum? Above all – who was he? There was only one way to find out – I had to write the book!'

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